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Paleo Hayduke's Flintknapping Supplies
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My name is Walter Williams and this is my website. The various selections of flint I have available can all be browsed here. I soon plan to have an individual profile on every shipment of flint I have ready to ship out including a photograph of the spalls you will be getting.  

I have been flintknapping for 4 years now. I was initiated into the art by the Mr. Bill Metcalfe. I have learned a lot from Craig Winters, Michael Roegner, Glen Beauchamp here in Central Texas. I thank the communities of PaleoPlanet, the Tarp and Knappers R Us  for all they have made possible in the way of communcation between all of us.
Enjoy browsing the site!

Newest Point

16th Feb 2009
Please get in touch to offer comments, all questions welcome!

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Paleo Hayduke's Flintknapping Supplies * 6210 Chimney Rock Rd * Killeen * TX * 76542 * (254)702-5595